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Vida Clinic

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Organization Overview

Mission Statement :
To provide high quality mental health services in schools to all who need it, regardless of ability to pay. To address mental health needs of school community members in order to make schools the most effective learning places possible.
Legal Entity :
Business Legal Entity availableBusiness
Services targeted to(key words for your population):
Students, families, staff on campuses
Geographic Operating Area or Focus:
Crockett High School, Bowie High School, Anderson High School

Contact Information

Organization Name
: Vida Clinic
: 3005 South Lamar Blvd.
       Ste D109#133
        Austin, TX , 78745
: 5124617358
: http://
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Organization Programs

Direct Programs
Program NameProgram TypePrimary Service Categories
School Mental Health Center In-depth
Social-Emotional & Behavioral Health

Service Locations

Note - Children/youth participating in multiple programs at the same location may be double-counted.

School and community locations where services are provided
School Name Capacity Participation Program Types
Austin Independent School District
Elementary Schools
Andrews Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Blanton Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Blazier Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Casey Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Cook Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Doss Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Guerrero Thompson Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Harris Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Jordan Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Kocurek Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Langford Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
McBee Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Menchaca Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Norman Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Oak Springs Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Overton Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Padron Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Palm Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Pecan Springs Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Perez Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Sims Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Wooldridge Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Wooten Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Middle Schools
Murchison Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
High Schools
Anderson High?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Bowie High?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Crockett High?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Community Locations Capacity Participation Program Types
No Community Locations Selected
School and community locations where services could be provided
School Name Capacity Participation Program Types
No School Locations Selected
Community Locations Capacity Participation Program Types
No Community Locations Selected


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