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Dance Another World

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Organization Overview

Mission Statement :
The mission of Dance Another World is to serve non-native English speakers from lower socioeconomic areas and teach them to communicate through creative movement using teaching methods of Content-Based Instruction and Total Physical Response (TPR).
Legal Entity :
501(c)(3) nonprofit Legal Entity available501(c)(3) nonprofit
Services targeted to(key words for your population):
Young non-native English speaking youth.
Geographic Operating Area or Focus:
Lower-socioeconomic communities in the Austin-area.

Contact Information

Organization Name
: Dance Another World
: P. O. Box 1423
        AUSTIN, TX , 78767
: 512-920-3135
: Dance Another World
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Organization Programs

Direct Programs
Program NameProgram TypePrimary Service Categories
Dance Another World In-depth
Arts & Creative Expression
Social-Emotional & Behavioral Health

Service Locations

Note - Children/youth participating in multiple programs at the same location may be double-counted.

School and community locations where services are provided
School Name Capacity Participation Program Types
Austin Independent School District
Elementary Schools
Blazier Elementary1717In-depth
Brown Elementary1717In-depth
Linder Elementary1717In-depth
Odom Elementary1717In-depth
Overton Elementary1717In-depth
Palm Elementary1717In-depth
Pecan Springs Elementary1717In-depth
Perez Elementary1717In-depth
Reilly Elementary1717In-depth
Rodriguez Elementary1717In-depth
Wooten Elementary1717In-depth
Middle Schools
Bedichek Middle School1717In-depth
Paredes Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Del Valle Independent School District
Elementary Schools
Baty Elementary1717In-depth
Gilbert Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Hillcrest Elementary1717In-depth
Hornsby Elementary1717In-depth
Community Locations Capacity Participation Program Types
No Community Locations Selected
School and community locations where services could be provided
School Name Capacity Participation Program Types
Austin Independent School District
Elementary Schools
Allison Elementary1717In-depth
Andrews Elementary1717In-depth
Baldwin Elementary?(unsure)17In-depth
Baranoff Elementary1717In-depth
Barton Hills Elementary1717In-depth
Becker Elementary1717In-depth
Blackshear Elementary1717In-depth
Blanton Elementary1717In-depth
Boone Elementary1717In-depth
Brentwood Elementary1717In-depth
Brooke Elementary1717In-depth
Bryker Woods Elementary1717In-depth
Campbell Elementary1717In-depth
Casey Elementary1717In-depth
Casis Elementary1717In-depth
Clayton Elementary1717In-depth
Cook Elementary1717In-depth
Cowan Elementary1717In-depth
Cunningham Elementary1717In-depth
Davis Elementary1717In-depth
Dawson Elementary1717In-depth
Doss Elementary1717In-depth
Galindo Elementary1717In-depth
Govalle Elementary1717In-depth
Graham Elementary1717In-depth
Guerrero Thompson Elementary1717In-depth
Gullett Elementary1717In-depth
Harris Elementary1717In-depth
Hart Elementary1717In-depth
Highland Park Elementary1717In-depth
Hill Elementary1717In-depth
Houston Elementary1717In-depth
Jordan Elementary1717In-depth
Joslin Elementary1717In-depth
Kiker Elementary1717In-depth
Kocurek Elementary1717In-depth
Langford Elementary1717In-depth
Lee Elementary1717In-depth
Maplewood Elementary1717In-depth
Mathews Elementary1717In-depth
McBee Elementary1717In-depth
Menchaca Elementary1717In-depth
Mills Elementary1717In-depth
Norman Elementary1717In-depth
Oak Hill Elementary1717In-depth
Ortega Elementary1717In-depth
Padron Elementary1717In-depth
Patton Elementary1717In-depth
Pease Elementary1717In-depth
Pickle Elementary1717In-depth
Pillow Elementary1717In-depth
Pleasant Hill Elementary1717In-depth
Ridgetop Elementary1717In-depth
Sanchez Elementary1717In-depth
Sims Elementary1717In-depth
St Elmo Elementary1717In-depth
Summitt Elementary1717In-depth
Sunset Valley Elementary1717In-depth
Travis Heights Elementary1717In-depth
Walnut Creek Elementary1717In-depth
Widen Elementary1717In-depth
Williams Elementary1717In-depth
Winn Elementary1717In-depth
Wooldridge Elementary1717In-depth
Zavala Elementary1717In-depth
Zilker Elementary1717In-depth
Middle Schools
Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders - Middle School1717In-depth
Bailey Middle School1717In-depth
Burnet Middle School1717In-depth
Covington Middle School1717In-depth
Dobie Middle School1717In-depth
Fulmore Middle School1717In-depth
Gorzycki Middle School1717In-depth
Kealing Middle School1717In-depth
Lamar Middle School1717In-depth
Mendez Middle School1717In-depth
Murchison Middle School1717In-depth
O Henry Middle School1717In-depth
Sadler Means Young Women's Leadership Academy 1717In-depth
Small Middle School1717In-depth
Webb Middle School1717In-depth
High Schools
Akins High1717In-depth
Anderson High1717In-depth
Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders - High School1717In-depth
Austin High1717In-depth
Bowie High1717In-depth
Clifton Career Dev. School1717In-depth
Crockett High1717In-depth
Eastside Memorial High1717In-depth
Garza Independence1717In-depth
International High School1717In-depth
Lanier High1717In-depth
LBJ (Lyndon B. Johnson) High1717In-depth
Liberal Arts and Science Academy1717In-depth
McCallum High1717In-depth
Reagan High1717In-depth
Travis High1717In-depth
Del Valle Independent School District
Elementary Schools
Creedmoor Elementary1717In-depth
Del Valle Elementary1717In-depth
Smith Elementary1717In-depth
Middle Schools
Dailey Middle School1717In-depth
High Schools
Del Valle High School1717In-depth
Del Valle Opportunity Center1717In-depth
Community Locations Capacity Participation Program Types
No Community Locations Selected


Service Relationships
Girls Empowerment Network-GEN
Kids Write Good DBA Austin Bat Cave
SAFE Alliance
Coalition Relationships
No Existing Relationships
Funder Relationships
No Existing Relationships