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Organization Overview

Mission Statement :
KLRU's mission is to present quality multimedia content that engages people in the thoughtful exchange of ideas, the expression of the arts, and enjoyable lifelong learning opportunities.
Legal Entity :
501(c)(3) nonprofit Legal Entity available501(c)(3) nonprofit
Services targeted to(key words for your population):
Parents & children ages 0-18
Geographic Operating Area or Focus:
20-county viewing area

Contact Information

Organization Name
: PO Box 7158
        Austin, TX , 78713
: 512-475-9050
: 512-475-9090
For information contact

Organization Programs

Direct Programs
Program NameProgram TypePrimary Service Categories
IPad Loan to Zavala ES PreK In-depth
Academic Enrichment & Support
KLRU KIDS Writers Contest Periodic
Arts & Creative Expression
Academic Enrichment & Support
Martha Speaks Reading Buddies Periodic
Academic Enrichment & Support
PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs Periodic
Academic Enrichment & Support
Play To Learn Periodic
Parent Education & Family Engagement
General/Other Youth Development
Ready to Learn Family Creative Learning Periodic
Academic Enrichment & Support
Parent Education & Family Engagement
Ready to Learn PBS KIDS Camps Periodic
Academic Enrichment & Support
Social-Emotional & Behavioral Health
Ready to Learn Ruff Ruffman Science Family Creative Learning Periodic
Academic Enrichment & Support
Parent Education & Family Engagement
Capacity Building Programs
Program NamePrimary Service Categories
KLRU PBS LearningMedia
Academic Enrichment & Support

Service Locations

Note - Children/youth participating in multiple programs at the same location may be double-counted.

School and community locations where services are provided
School Name Capacity Participation Program Types
Austin Independent School District
Elementary Schools
Allison Elementary650650Periodic
Andrews Elementary650650Periodic
Baldwin Elementary650650Periodic
Baranoff Elementary650650Periodic
Barrington Elementary650650Periodic
Barton Hills Elementary650650Periodic
Becker Elementary650650Periodic
Blackshear Elementary650650Periodic
Blanton Elementary650650Periodic
Blazier Elementary650650Periodic
Boone Elementary650650Periodic
Brentwood Elementary650650Periodic
Brooke Elementary650650Periodic
Brown Elementary650650Periodic
Bryker Woods Elementary650650Periodic
Campbell Elementary650650Periodic
Casey Elementary650650Periodic
Casis Elementary650650Periodic
Clayton Elementary650650Periodic
Cook Elementary650650Periodic
Cowan Elementary650650Periodic
Cunningham Elementary650650Periodic
Davis Elementary650650Periodic
Dawson Elementary650650Periodic
Doss Elementary650650Periodic
Galindo Elementary650650Periodic
Govalle Elementary650650Periodic
Graham Elementary650650Periodic
Guerrero Thompson Elementary650650Periodic
Gullett Elementary650650Periodic
Harris Elementary650650Periodic
Hart Elementary667667Periodic
Highland Park Elementary650650Periodic
Hill Elementary650650Periodic
Houston Elementary650650Periodic
Jordan Elementary650650Periodic
Joslin Elementary650650Periodic
Kiker Elementary650650Periodic
Kocurek Elementary650650Periodic
Langford Elementary650650Periodic
Lee Elementary650650Periodic
Linder Elementary650650Periodic
Maplewood Elementary650650Periodic
Mathews Elementary650650Periodic
McBee Elementary650650Periodic
Menchaca Elementary650650Periodic
Metz Elementary650650Periodic
Mills Elementary650650Periodic
Norman Elementary650650Periodic
Oak Hill Elementary650650Periodic
Oak Springs Elementary650650Periodic
Odom Elementary650650Periodic
Ortega Elementary650650Periodic
Overton Elementary650650Periodic
Padron Elementary667667Periodic
Palm Elementary650650Periodic
Patton Elementary650650Periodic
Pease Elementary650650Periodic
Pecan Springs Elementary650650Periodic
Perez Elementary650650Periodic
Pickle Elementary650650Periodic
Pillow Elementary650650Periodic
Pleasant Hill Elementary650650Periodic
Reilly Elementary650650Periodic
Ridgetop Elementary650650Periodic
Rodriguez Elementary650650Periodic
Sanchez Elementary650650Periodic
Sims Elementary650650Periodic
St Elmo Elementary650650Periodic
Summitt Elementary650650Periodic
Sunset Valley Elementary650650Periodic
Travis Heights Elementary650650Periodic
Walnut Creek Elementary650650Periodic
Widen Elementary650650Periodic
Williams Elementary650650Periodic
Winn Elementary650650Periodic
Wooldridge Elementary650650Periodic
Wooten Elementary737737Periodic
Zavala Elementary650650Periodic
Zilker Elementary687687Periodic,In-depth
High Schools
Austin High?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Eastside Memorial High?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Lanier High?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Pflugerville ISD
High Schools
Pflugerville High?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Manor Independent School District
High Schools
Manor High School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Leander ISD
Elementary Schools
Akin Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Bagdad Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Block House Creek Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Camacho Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Cox Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Cypress Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Deer Creek Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Faubion Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Giddens Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Grandview Hills Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Knowles Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Laura Welch Bush Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Mason Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Naumann Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Parkside Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Plain Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Pleasant Hill Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Reagan Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Reed Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
River Place Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
River Ridge Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Rutledge Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Steiner Ranch Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Westside Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Whitestone Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Winkley Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)Periodic
Community Locations Capacity Participation Program Types
Friends of the Children1717Periodic
Boys and Girls Clubs of the Austin Area1717Periodic
Dove Springs Recreation Center1717Periodic
El Buen Samaritano1717Periodic
School and community locations where services could be provided
School Name Capacity Participation Program Types
No School Locations Selected
Community Locations Capacity Participation Program Types
No Community Locations Selected


Service Relationships
Austin Film Society
Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area
Communities In Schools of Central Texas (CIS)
Creative Action
El Buen Samaritano
Extend-A-Care for Kids
Foundation Communities
Coalition Relationships
No Existing Relationships
Funder Relationships
No Existing Relationships