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Organization Overview

Mission Statement :
Source Consulting Group experientially builds school cultures of excellence through leadership development of educators and youth, allowing each person to find and express their innate genius, so communities can be more vital.
Legal Entity :
Business Legal Entity availableBusiness
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all kids
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Contact Information

Organization Name
: Source Consulting Group
: 10721 Hendon St.
        Austin, TX , 78748
: 512-293-2400
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Organization Programs

Direct Programs
Program NameProgram TypePrimary Service Categories
School and Classroom Culture In-depth
General/Other Youth Development
Youth First! In-depth
General/Other Youth Development
Social-Emotional & Behavioral Health

Service Locations

Note - Children/youth participating in multiple programs at the same location may be double-counted.

School and community locations where services are provided
School Name Capacity Participation Program Types
No School Locations Selected
Community Locations Capacity Participation Program Types
No Community Locations Selected
School and community locations where services could be provided
School Name Capacity Participation Program Types
Austin Independent School District
Pre K Schools
Dobie Pre-K Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Read Pre Kindergarten Elem Schl?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Rosedale School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Uphaus Early Childhood Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Webb Primary (PK-2)?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Middle Schools
Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders - Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Bailey Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Bedichek Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Burnet Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Covington Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Dobie Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Fulmore Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Garcia Young Men's Leadership Academy?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Gorzycki Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Kealing Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Lamar Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Martin Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Mendez Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Murchison Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
O Henry Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Paredes Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Sadler Means Young Women's Leadership Academy ?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Small Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Webb Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Pflugerville ISD
Pre K Schools
Delco Primary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Windermere Primary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Middle Schools
Cele Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Dessau Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Kelly Lane Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Park Crest Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Pflugerville Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Westview Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
KIPP Austin Public Schools
Middle Schools
KIPP Austin Academy of Artrs & Letters?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
KIPP Austin Beacon Prep?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
KIPP Austin College Prep?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
KIPP Austin Vista Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Round Rock Independent School District
Middle Schools
C. D. Fulkes Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Canyon Vista Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Cedar Valley Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Chisholm Trail Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Deerpark Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Grisham Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Hernandez Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Hopewell Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Ridgeview Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Walsh Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Bastrop ISD
Middle Schools
Bastrop Intermediate School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Bastrop Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Cedar Creek Intermediate School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Cedar Creek Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Manor Independent School District
Middle Schools
Decker Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Manor Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Del Valle Independent School District
Middle Schools
Dailey Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Del Valle Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Ojeda Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Harmony Public Schools Austin
Middle Schools
Harmony School of Excellence - Austin?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Harmony School of Political Science - Austin?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Harmony Science Academy Pflugerville?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Taylor ISD
Middle Schools
Main Street Intermediate School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Taylor Middle School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Community Locations Capacity Participation Program Types
Austin Community College - Cypress Creek campus?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Community College - Rio Grande campus?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Public Library - Central Library?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
HACA - Lakeside Apartments Housing Community?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Recreation Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Camacho Recreation Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
HACA - Rosewood Courts Housing Community?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Community College - Eastview campus?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Public Library - Willie Mae Kirk Branch?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
HACA - Booker T. Washington Housing Community?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Cantu / Pan Am Recreation Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
HACA - Salina Apartments Housing Community?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Parque Zaragoza Recreation Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Public Library - Terrazas Branch?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
HACA - Santa Rita Courts Housing Community?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
HACA - Chalmers Court Housing Community?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Metz Recreation Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Public Library - Carver Branch?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Doris Miller Auditorium?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
HACA - Manchaca Village Housing Community?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
South Austin Recreation Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
HACA - Meadowbrook Housing Community?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
HACA - Goodrich Place Housing Community?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Dougherty Arts Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
HACA - Bouldin Oaks Housing Community?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Public Library - Twin Oaks Branch?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Givens Recreation Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Public Library - University Hills Branch?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Dottie Jordan Recreation Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Public Library - Windsor Park Branch?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Dell Children's Medical Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Turner Roberts Recreation Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Public Library - Milwood Branch?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Alamo Recreation Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Public Library - Old Quarry Branch?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Montopolis Recreation Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Community College - Riverside campus?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Public Library - Ruiz Branch?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Public Library - Southeast Branch?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Dove Springs Recreation Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Public Library - Manchaca Road Branch?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Community College - South Austin campus?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Public Library - Pleasant Hill Branch?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Dittmar Recreation Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
HACA - Shadowbend Ridge Housing Community?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
HACA - Manchaca II Housing Community?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
McBeth Recreation Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Nature Science Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Public Library - Hampton Branch at Oak Hill?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Pickfair Community Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Hancock Recreation Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Community College - Highland campus?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Virginia L. Brown Recreation Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
HACA - Coronado Hills Housing Community?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Gus Garcia Recreation Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
HACA - Georgian Manor Housing Community?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
HACA - North Loop Housing Community?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Public Library - Yarborough Branch?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Recycled Reads (Austin Public Library bookstore)?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Northwest Recreation Center?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
HACA - Thurmond Heights Housing Community?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Public Library - Little Walnut Creek Branch?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Community College - Northridge campus?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
HACA - Northgate Housing Community?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Austin Public Library - Spicewood Springs Branch?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth


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