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Christ Together Greater Austin-CTGA

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Organization Overview

Mission Statement :
Every child reading on grade level by the end of 3rd grade. Our mission is guided by three principles: Humility – not bringing in our own agenda. We strive to be a support to the schools, classrooms, and children. Consistency – making a volunteer commitment for a school year of service. Truly using one’s servant heart to honor constant reading with children. Simplicity – “Elaborate Simplicity” – the idea being that Education Connection needs to be something that imposes little on the schools/teachers and simple enough that a willing volunteer without “teacher training” can do and will make a difference to the child.
Legal Entity :
501(c)(3) nonprofit Legal Entity available501(c)(3) nonprofit
Faith-based organization Legal Entity availableFaith-based organization
Services targeted to(key words for your population):
Elementary Level
Geographic Operating Area or Focus:

Contact Information

Organization Name
: Christ Together Greater Austin-CTGA
: 900 Ranch Road 620 South
        Lakeway, TX , 78734
: 512-813-5918
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Organization Programs

Direct Programs
Program NameProgram TypePrimary Service Categories
Education Connection In-depth
Academic Enrichment & Support

Service Locations

Note - Children/youth participating in multiple programs at the same location may be double-counted.

School and community locations where services are provided
School Name Capacity Participation Program Types
Austin Independent School District
Elementary Schools
Allison Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Barrington Elementary?(unsure)37In-depth
Blanton Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Brown Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Campbell Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Dawson Elementary?(unsure)17In-depth
Hart Elementary?(unsure)37In-depth
Norman Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Pecan Springs Elementary?(unsure)17In-depth
Pillow Elementary?(unsure)37In-depth
Pflugerville ISD
Elementary Schools
Caldwell Elementary?(unsure)37In-depth
Copperfield Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Round Rock Independent School District
Elementary Schools
Berkman Elementary School?(unsure)17In-depth
Bluebonnet Elementary School?(unsure)62In-depth
Brushy Creek Elementary School?(unsure)62In-depth
Cactus Ranch Elementary School?(unsure)17In-depth
Caldwell Heights Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Callison Elementary School?(unsure)17In-depth
Double File Trail Elementary School?(unsure)17In-depth
England Elementary School?(unsure)37In-depth
Forest Creek Elementary School?(unsure)17In-depth
Forest North Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Gattis Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Great Oaks Elementary School?(unsure)37In-depth
Herrington Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Jollyville Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Live Oak Elementary School?(unsure)37In-depth
Old Town Elementary School?(unsure)17In-depth
Pond Springs Elementary School?(unsure)17In-depth
Purple Sage Elementary School?(unsure)17In-depth
Robertson Elementary School?(unsure)37In-depth
Spicewood Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Teravista Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Union Hill Elementary School?(unsure)17In-depth
Wells Branch Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Xenia Voigt Elementary School?(unsure)37In-depth
Manor Independent School District
Elementary Schools
Blake Manor Elementary School?(unsure)17In-depth
Decker Elementary School?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Oak Meadows Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Del Valle Independent School District
Elementary Schools
Hillcrest Elementary?(unsure)?(unsure)In-depth
Popham Elementary?(unsure)17In-depth
Community Locations Capacity Participation Program Types
No Community Locations Selected
School and community locations where services could be provided
School Name Capacity Participation Program Types
No School Locations Selected
Community Locations Capacity Participation Program Types
No Community Locations Selected


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