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Please enter the information below to register your organization in YSM and yourself as the YSM Supervisor of your organization. The YSM Supervisor is an authorized representative of your organization (generally senior program staff or an administrator) who assumes responsibility for ensuring that your organizational information and program profiles are entered and kept up to date. You may switch to a different YSM Supervisor at a later time. By registering your organization, you are acknowledging that you understand that the information entered in YSM will be viewable by YSM users.

Complete the form and submit. You will receive a verification email with a link in it. You must click the link for your registration request to be processed. If you don't see the email within 15 minutes, please check your email junk folder.

Organization Contact Profile

501(c)(3) nonprofit
Other community-based organization
School District
Postsecondary education/training institution
Government agency
Faith-based organization
    Do you intend to serve/do you serve students on AISD campuses?
    Do any of your program models or activities depend on altering school grounds at an AISD school(e.g. putting in a new garden)or altering facilities or buildings?

YSM Supervisor Registration Details
List the names of your organization's existing programs - list each program only once.
If you only have one program, just provide that program name and primary service category and leave the other program boxes blank.
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YSM Terms of Service
As YSM Supervisor of my organization, I understand that information we enter will be viewable by other users of the system. I will ensure that our organization reviews and updates our information for Spring and Fall required updates, and when there are any significant changes to our organization or programs..
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