Register in YSM

Welcome! We are pleased you will join YSM.

If your organization is already registered in YSM, go to Register – New Member.

If your organization is not yet registered, the person who will serve as your organization's YSM Supervisor should Register Your Organization.

  • The YSM Supervisor should be an authorized representative (generally senior program staff or an administrator)who can be responsible and ensure that your YSM profiles for your organizations and programs are entered correctly and kept up to date. The YSM Supervisor can also approve other staff who register to become YSM members.
  • If you will be the YSM Supervisor, please Register Your Organization.
  • If not, please contact the person you think is appropriate and direct them to the registration page.

Is my organization already registered? View the list of registered organizations. If your organization is a public school, if your school district is listed, then your school is registered. The individual schools will not be listed on the Show-Organizations page.