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Partner Feedback Session 12-18-13 Summary

View or download notes from the Partner Feedback Session hosted December 18, 2013 by the Austin ISD Office of Innovation and Development.


Student Needs


I am an AISD parent and just became familiar with the ACCESS link on the AISD web page. It is fabulous. Beginning 2 years ago, my son was struggling with a host of problems, and yet no one at his schools provided any information on where we might be able to go for help. I sought help, talked to teachers, counselors, the 504 coordinator to no avail.  About the only action from the school was to send him to the Alternative Learning Center.

My son and I survived and came out of it in one piece at the end. However, I wish I had been referred to places like Palmer House, etc. I would suggest that every school employee should keep a stack of the brochure that you have up on the AISD web site (Child and Youth Mental Health Planning Partnership, YOUR CHILD’S MENTAL HEALTH, A Parent’s Guide to Recognizing Mental and Behavioral Issues for School-Aged Children and Youth). How amazing it would be if school employees talked in terms of student mental health and not student behavior problems.

The Youth Services Mapping (YSM) is amazing. I urge you to add SUBSTANCE USE to the YSM section on “Search for special needs and risk” According to many AISD employees, drugs is the number one problem facing students. But it is a problem that is not being addressed by the schools (beyond treating it as a crime). I think this web site is a wonderful step toward truly addressing some of the very issues students are facing.

Kindest Regards

Professor of Social Work and Women's and Gender Studies

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